Put your SOC Career in Fast-Track

INR. 20,000 (~ USD 280)

Aug 20th, 7am IST  | Enrollments stopped as the batch has reached its capacity. Next batch to be announced soon.


SOAR is the newest darling of the Security Operations world. The demand for SOAR engineers is going to increase multi-fold in the next few months. A professional learning and working on this new technology will have the early-adapters advantage which will put his/her career in a fast-track mode.

Highlights of the Course

  • 24 hours of live classes
  • 36 hours of hands-on practice
  • 50+ tasks to achieve
  • Standalone Instance to each student
  • Advance concepts
  • Real-Life Examples & CV Points
  • Product Certification
  • Interview Questions

Don’t wait till your are forced to learn SOAR. Learn it when the competition is less.

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