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SOC Manager Training

SOC Analyst Training

SOC Manager

For IT Professionals with 10+ Years of Experience

Online Instructor Led Training (Live Classes)

2 months | Monday - Friday

INR. 32,500 (~ USD 450)

WHO IS THIS FOR?                                   

  • Anyone who is looking to switch to a more rewarding cybersecurity career.
  • It is for those professionals who are a complete package, but somehow could not make it big yet in their career.
  • If you have 10+ years of experience in IT and a package of less than 20LPA, then this is definitely for you.                       


  • 10+ years of experience in IT (doesn't have to be in cybersecurity).
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Strong commitment to switch your career.
  • Prior manager experience will be plus.                 


What is expected of a student enrolling from this training?

Like most of our trainings, this too, is an intensive course. To get results you would need to put additional 2 hours efforts apart from the classes.

I don't have time to do activities and assignments, can I attend the training?

No, we want to work with students who are more focused on upgrading their careers. SOC Experts efforts will only be fruitful  if you make the career transition.

How can i get the confidence to move to a new domain?

If you have wondered in an IT company you have lived following the rules defined by cybersecurity policies of your company. You already most of it. After this training you will get to know what happens on the other side of the fence. The training is designed to bring confidence in you through various assignments, activities and round-table discussions amongst peers. Plus you get exposed to SOC Experts methodology for career transition.

Can I use my previous management experience and switch to a cybersecurity management position?

Absolutely, any previous IT management experience will be of great help.

Will there be technical topics covered as a part of this training?

Yes, we believe if you are managing a team you need to have a fair knowledge on technologies used. So considerable time will be spent in learning few industry relevant tools and technologies.

Will SOC Experts support after I make the career switch?

Yes, we will support you through our alumni network to help you survive the new role for initial few weeks.

Cybersecurity sounds too technical, will I be able to cope-up?

Cybersecurity only sounds difficult. Just like any other field, it too relies on some best practices. If you know them it will make your life lot more easier.

This was a free training, why is it paid now?

SOC Experts believes in delivering value for the time and money investment students make on us. So every time we introduce a new course, we do 2 free batches to learn how effectively deliver the training. This is the 3rd batch.


SOC Manager Training



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