Placements Policy

It is said, “Magic Happens at SOC Experts” 


Why do so many people recommend SOC Experts to start cybersecurity career? It is because of the results we deliver. Does that mean everyone who joins SOC Experts will get a job? – No

We do have a high placement percentage because of our market penetration. So far more than 4000 professionals who are working in the industry have started their careers through SOC Experts. And our students are in almost every company that runs any kind of Security Services. This Alumni base help us in placements. SOC Experts gets to know about almost all openings through our Alumni network. And there are several companies that reach out to SOC Experts for placements. So, we are in a good place to help students get placed. However, we only refer students who are committed to learning and show considerable progress throughout the course.

We also strongly recommend students NOT TO RELY only on our references and encourage and help students to use various channels to hunt for jobs.

As highlighted in our homepage, 

SOC Experts is not a 100% placement Guarantee Institute

But “We are 100% Students Success Focused.”

In fact, our placement average stands at 86%. We strive hard to achieve the 100% mark, but it is impossible in some cases; especially in cases where the student is not serious about his/her studies/career.

No Pain, No Gain.

SOC Experts is like a Gym, your instructors are like your Gym trainers. No matter how good the gym or the trainer is, you won’t get the results you desire unless you work out. Your results are completely dependent on your efforts. However, SOC Experts can help you to shorten the learning curve and get you the desire results quickly.

“We cannot help students who do not want to help themselves.”

SOC Experts GEM

In order to start (or transition to) a career in cybersecurity, you would need three elements:

Guidance - A mentor helping you through the phase of transition

Effort - Candidate's efforts

Market - A good Market with lots of job opportunities.

Nobody doubts the potential Cybersecurity Market has for job opportunities and growth. SOC Experts, so far, has proven to provide good Guidance. 

So, the only thing that is standing between you and a Cybersecurity job is your Effort.

If Magic Happens at SOC Experts.

The magic is done by YOU - Our Students

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