1 Week Free
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

Online Instructor-Led (Live Classes)

Next Batch - Oct 21st | 7pm IST 

For Graduates, there is nothing better than Cybersecurity;

For Cybersecurity, there is nothing better than SOC Experts

This 1 week Free Cybersecurity Bootcamp will give you enough exposure to the domain which in turn will help you in deciding: 

  • If cybersecurity is easy or difficult?
  • Is cybersecurity for you or not?

You will also learn about:

  • The different domains in Cybersecurity
  • Career growth in Cybersecurity


We recommend students to attend CBC (Cybersecurity Bootcamp) that starts on the third Saturday of every month. It is a one week FREE course that covers the basics necessary for CCL and CSC programs. This will greatly benefit students from non-cybersecurity background. The program will also expose you to our teaching styles and methodologies.

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