SOC Experts works with the motto

"Cybersecurity Careers for Everyone"

But not every course is suitable for all individuals. So we have designed courses that would help aspirants with various educational and career backgrounds to study and pursue cybersecurity careers. 

CCL   vs   CSC

  • Curriculum suited to Entry Level job roles
  • More stress on Basics
  • Runs for 3 months | 2 hours a day
  • 4 hours/day additional commitment expected
  • Handholding done for every committed student
  • 2000 SE-Coins (used for Mocks and CV Review)
  • 16 Assignments
  • Suitable for Fresh Graduates and Non-working  aspirants
  • Job Reference provide to Fresh Graduates 

  • Curriculum suited for 2 - 10 years of IT professionals
  • More stress on Real Time Exposure
  • Runs for 2 months | 2 hours a day
  • 1 hour/day additional commitment expected
  • We  show the direction and guide students
  • 2000 SE-Coins (used for Mocks and CV Review)
  • 8 Assignments
  • Suitable for IT Professionals
  • Job Reference  provide to Working Professionals only


All our courses are Job Oriented
Alumni Connect and Support

CV Assistance and Reviews
Our commitment to students success

Which one is good for me?

I am still confused.

  • If you are/were working in IT - join CSC
  • If you had any career gap (in the past), but currently working in IT - join CSC
  • If you are working in Non-IT, but cannot leave your job - join CSC ++
  • If you have more than 1 year of career gap and are currently unemployed - join CCL
  • If you were working in Non-IT and currently unemployed - join CCL 
  • If you have more than 2 years of educational gap and are currently unemployed - join CCL

++ please note that basics are covered in fast-track in CSC and we expect you (Non-IT professionals) to do little bit of heavy lifting in the initials days of classes or before joining the classes.

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